Thomas Jann organ building

In our more than 70-year company history, we have gained a great deal of experience through the realisation of over 280 new organs and close to 100 restorations. Our magnificent organs are spread around the globe and represented in eight different countries. Get an impression of our work in our online catalogue of works.

Individually designed for every space

"The sound must be the focus"! (Thomas Jann, Managing Director)

Of course it is important that the organ is visually appealing and fits harmoniously into the image of the church, cathedral or concert hall. But what use are all these external aspects if the perfection of the sound is not right? No two organs are alike; each is optimally adapted to the acoustics of its place of use. The interplay of room acoustics, visual design and a unique sound play gives the room and the new organ an individual soul.

With traditional experience and sensitivity to the optimal organ

With their elaborate architecture, technology and unique sound, no other instrument is able to captivate us like organs. They are long-lasting, inspire our hearts and their music evokes one thing above all: feelings! Through the experience of our managing director and all our employees, we intuitively and with the help of supplementary, detailed calculations find the best solution for a balanced interplay between sound and image.

The first steps

So how do I get my organ? Usually it starts with the prospective buyer contacting us, the company Thomas Jann Orgelbau. Once the detailed needs analysis has been completed, we arrange a consultation appointment with you to discuss the results. At this time, we also offer you the opportunity to view organs that have already been built as inspiration for your future masterpiece.

Piece by piece to the perfect organ

After the initial steps, we design a brochure with first drawings of the instrument and send the offer to you at the same time. Piece by piece, from drawing to drawing, the work of art takes more and more shape. We are happy to assist you every step of the way. We are also happy to support you in the area of sponsoring, for which we also offer guided tours of the workshop, for example.

Mission with perspective

After the order has been placed, we go into the details. The special features of your order are defined and recorded. Exact plans of the organ and the room are also drawn up. The organ then goes into construction. When your personal queen of instruments has been completed, experienced specialists begin with the assembly and tuning. When the technical construction has been completed and everything has been set up as desired, the organ will first be extensively tested by you and then accepted. Once all the work has been completed, you will receive a unique instrument with a perfect sound and, at the same time, an investment that will be enjoyed by several generations to come.

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